Although this has absolutely nothing to do with budgets or bargains, I thought I would simply give you a little glimpse into my life today, Thursday, August 13th.

It's been a bit frazzled so far! Really, yesterday was the whirlwind! I took my kids for their placement tests at school that took an hour - 4 times the allotted amount of time on our schedule. Then off to get back packs, lunch boxes and uniforms - not that I haven't been trying to get them for weeks - but that's another story all together. When I dropped by my parent's house to pick up a few things that were mandatory for the kids to have for the first day of school today, I recalled my promise to mow the lawn. I didn't promise mow it when the mercury hit 100, but I that is when I had time to get it done. I also mowed off a sprinkler head. Then it was off to work for a 20 minutes - about an hour from home. It was 103 degrees outside by the time I got there.

During my conference call for work, with my kids joyous and giddy in the back yard slipping and sliding, my husband hobbled in. On crutches. Did I mention that he sprained his ankle when he fell down the steps at Coors Field the night before? So ladies, I think we all know what that means. Now I essentially have three kids to care for - 2 under the age of ten and one with a giant black medical boot on one foot.

So our evening was mainly sharpening pencils, preparing lunches and labeling back packs. Plus tucking anxious kids into bed -- and re-tucking kids in, and then praying with them some more, and then getting them water, and then tucking them in again. And the dishwasher broke a few days ago and true to form, I've fallen behind on hand washing the dishes. My kitchen took on a peculiar smell during the heat. So, I got to crawl under the cabinet and manually drain the darn hose. It was akin to holding someones hair out of the way while they vomit. Appliance barf.

This morning was relatively simple - send Terry off to his first day of work as a substitute teacher (on crutches - thank goodness he can drive), send my babies to their first day of school, blog, go to work. I'm just glad that I am so busy that I will have no time to morn the fact that my Princess is in school all day now - spending more waking hours with some other woman than me. I wanna be sedated.

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  1. Joanna Says:

    I hope you have a better day today - full of love and joy and no where near as busy.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Our crazy lives as moms! I enjoyed reading about your day even though I'm not across the street to be part of it. Can't believe your little Vivi is in school all day now! & Brendan has grown a foot!! We're looking forward to having them here today :)

  3. Money Honey Says:

    Thanks for the love ladies. Every now and again it just good to rant. Its over now and life is good. I think my dishwasher is even working!

  4. terry o Says:

    One of my favorite bands of all times and I don't recall seeing that video b4. Their concerts were the best - 30 songs in 90 continuous minutes. I don't think they are acting here, either.

    K you are the best. I do have some good painkillers from my ankle injury. It's been a crazy few days.

    I love you,

  5. Money Honey Says:

    ight Back At Ya' Honey! Thanks for the encouragement:)

  6. Dian Says:

    I haven't heard the Ramones in a long time. Thanks!


  7. Nishant Says:

    I enjoyed reading about your day even though I'm not across the street to be part of it

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