It's Easter Monday. Under "normal" financial conditions, today would be one of those days that cause me to shop. I would run around from one favorite, post-holiday bargain haunt to the next, gathering goodies for next year at half price. The very best place to go the day after a holiday used to be Old Navy. In fact, it was so good, that we would schedule it as a family evening so that the everyone, even my husband, could go together. We went after Valentines Day, after St. Patrick's Day, after Easter, after Halloween, and finally, after Christmas, grabbing up everything from photo albums and stuffed animals to holiday music and t-shirts, all for pennies on the dollar. And then, suddenly, we realized that the buyers at Old Navy had wised up. They generally no longer have enough holiday themed items to make to the holiday, let alone left overs. So sad...No more ten cent green make up or picture frames shaped like bunny rabbits or orange tin mugs with pictures of dogs wearing cat ears. OK, maybe I can live with out the junk. But, I do miss the thrill of the thrill of the hunt!

So where do you recommend that I go for a fix? Let us in on your favorite post-holiday clearance sale spots and other money saving tips to save for next year's celebrations!
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