Tonight is the Rock and Worship Road Show in DENVER!
April 9 – Denver, CO – 7:00 PM
Denver Coliseum 4600 Humboldt St.
For more info: 720–865–4220

Can you believe this line up? Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North (By Your Side is the tune you'll know from KLOVE) and more for $10!!! I heard an interview on KLOVE the other day that explained their theory of offering a bargain show. Simply put, the artists are in it to glorify God, not to expand their bank accounts. So, their business plan and contracts are set up to reflect that. God bless 'em.

Check out the links to their MySpace pages:
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  1. Jan Parrish Says:

    Sounds great. Have a fab time!

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