My parents and I had an interesting discussion last night. My Dad declared his distaste for all things Kashi and then my Mom told me about a "bargain" that she got at Safeway last week. She bought 10 Kashi brand products on sale and they took $10 off of her total bill. OK, it's not a bargain if you have to force consumption. Fortunately my Mom is more of a granola-head than my Dad - and I only mean that in the best possible way!

But then, she and my Dad both made unappetizing faces as they described the cardboard Kashi pizza crust and all of the things that they had to ad to doctor it up. I'm sorry, but isn't the idea of a frozen pizza that you can just toss in the oven and 10 minutes later you have dinner? If something is inedible without adding pricey extras, again -- not a bargain. But the good news is that there are only 9 left in the freezer!
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  1. Jan Parrish Says:

    Oh no! So the secret is to find the things that are still good in generic brands. I've found a few store brands that are as good, and in some cases better than their name brand counterparts.

  2. Money Honey Says:

    "Generics" have come a long way since the black and white packaging from the early '8o's. Infact, Jan, stores are wising up to the money to be made in promoting their private lines of foods. More on that next week...
    What are your favorite Private Labels?

  3. Jan Parrish Says:

    I love Target's private label paper products - TP & paper towels. Huge savings and they are better than the leading brands. (I should get a compensation for this ad.)

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