My dad has a great friend, Kanuto Ortiz, or just Kenny here in the states, that hails from our neighboring country to the south. Kenny and my dad made numerous road trips straight down I-25 to Juarez in the late 80's. Kenny would race along the highway in his bright yellow Beetle and sometimes I would be lucky enough to tag behind in my big ol' boat of a Monte Carlo.

The prices are cheap, the nightlife is vivid, and the art is everywhere! My Utopian trifecta in college! I started going every chance I got, bringing along various friends and loved ones, developing a crush on a foreign land.

The trip to another culture is a short one. Until the first time I crossed the border, I imagined a mighty river dividing the lands like a knife. The Rio Grand is nothing more than a drainage ditch at that point, but the cultural and economic division is sharp. I am continually amazed by the difference 100 feet can make.

I recently learned about another woman who has developed a passion for Juarez, but for a much more noble cause than cheap Coronas. Quinn Anderson runs a ministry called "Babies of Juarez", a drive for diapers and formula. According to Quinn"In Juarez, a ten-and-a-half-hour drive from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, many babies wear the same diaper for four or more days because the family can’t afford new ones. A mom will go to the store with enough money for one diaper. The diapers are used and reused until they can no longer hold anything more, and the mom will go back to the store with just enough money to buy a new one. Cloth diapers aren't an option because water is so scarce in Juarez. Our team in the clinic saw babies with horrible sores on their bottoms and the parents with no means to help them."

To read more about the need, the mission, and how YOU CAN HELP, click here!
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  1. Christina Says:

    Wow, that is so sad... those poor babies, and the poor parents who have to do those things - they probably feel awful.

    Thanks for spreading the word about this.

  2. Money Honey Says:

    Its tragic, isn't it? I am proud to be part of the community that is helping.

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