Are you a "Warehouse Gourmet"? A "Make Ahead Meal Mom"? A "Make it Now/Bake it Later Cook"? Or do you just want to be one? I do. I have developed a fascination with the whole cooking club concept. Women that shop in bulk and prepare their food together to put in the freezer swear by this practice. They are disciples for it. They are committed for a life time - or at least until their kids are out of the house.
I have spoken to literally hundreds of women that cook this way through my gig at Sam's Club over the last month or so. Not one woman said "I do it, but it's such a pain" or "I used to do it, but it just wasn't worth the effort" or "Oh, it was just too expensive". On the contrary, they all sang the praises of this cooking style, sharing their favorite recipes, tip and techniques with me while they excitedly signed up to receive their free recipe book.
Ironically, while was out in the world singing the praises of stocking up dinners in the freezer for 5 weeks, my kids were eating take out, frozen pizza, or canned soup for supper because I hadn't planned ahead. Now I have three weeks off to get my kitchen organized and my freezer packed before returning to another month at work. Bring it on!
These are a few of the references that I am going to use to get my creative juices flowing. Click on the book cover to read excerpts of each book. Do you use this method of cooking? What do you think about it? Do you have any recipes to share with me?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    This would be great for people who camp or rv at the last minute. Just reach into the freezer and you have the weekend's healthy meals ready to go. I don't know that children would enjoy that style camping but older couples would love the convenience!

  2. Robbie Iobst Says:

    Karen, I tried this years ago, but I am just not organized enough and there are only 3 in our family. Plus we don't have a big freezer. However, the women I knew who did it consistently LOVED IT. Just didn't work for me.
    Hey since Noah's back in school I am back to blogging so come on by. Also, if you hear of another gig at Sam's club, let me know. :0)

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