Here are some valuable, printable coupons to assist with your Christmas Shopping. If you have anymore, please comment with the link. Happy Bargain Hunting!

Click here to save $5 of $25 at Rite Aid
Click here to save $15 off of $15 at The Limited

Click here to save to get any item (up to $13) with a $10 purchase at Bath & Body Works

Click here to save 25% off your entire purchase at Family Christian Stores
Click here to save $15 on a $45 or more on Yankee Candles purchased virtually anywhere
These are all printable coupons to use at brick-and-mortar locations. Here are some tips for shopping on-line. Enter the product you are shopping for in the search window and then pull down the menu to "Google Product Search", you will find the site with the lowest price. Then, Google that site plus the word "coupons" to find discount codes to be entered at check out. At the very least you'll end up with free shipping. I shopped this way for a gift (which will remain unnamed until Santa comes) for my daughter. I paid $20 when the actuall retail is $69.99!!!
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