When I first got married we lived in a gentrifying neighborhood in downtown Denver. I loved it. I'm a city girl at heart- the diversity, creativity, spontaneity, all of it. Two blocks from our humble bungalow filled with love, was my favorite grocery store, Save-A-Lot. After my son was born, I would load him up in his carriage and we take the bumpy ride along the flag stone sidewalks to our corner store to pick up our dinner necessities and a few frivolities as well. I would fill the bottom basket of the stroller with fresh produce, private label boxes and cans, and assorted Mexican delights like horchata, chipotle paste, and bags of dried herbs.
I was shocked when I moved to the suburbs and started to pay what everyone else pays for groceries. I knew that Save-A-Lot had awesome bargains, but I didn't realize just how much we were saving by making that our primary grocer. If you've never checked out, print the coupon above, and make the drive to the urban location closest to you to check out the savings for yourself or help stock your local food bank.
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  1. Thanks Karen, I never heard of Save a Lot. I found one in Colorado Springs 8 miles from my house. I'll have to put it on my list of places to check out.

  2. Money Honey Says:

    It will be worth the drive. Take your husband along, it is so different than your everyday, suburban grocery store. It will be a fun little outing. Happy bargain hunting! FYI: I like to get cleaning supplies there too, but I have never tried their meat.

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