When life gives you lemons, make lemon aide. Right? We have a few sour lemons in 2009 from financial to health to grieving death. And it would be easy to sit and whine about it, or we can thank God for the amazing blessings He so generously showered us with, then pack our bags, and hit the beach for some well deserved R&R. I'll go with the latter, all the way to the Bahamas!
When Terry and I started looking into short excursions on a minimal budget, our first thought was to drive to the mountains and hit the slopes. We're not too old and rusty, are we? I haven't skied since before my kids were born, so it's been at least a dozen years. And January is the coldest month in the Rockies. But we could keep each other warm. A room and a lift ticket would run about $150 per night per person no food, no entertainment, no sun and sand. We could afford a four day vacation. Or, we could go to Vail or Aspen for a weekend. Maybe. If we rented out some one's spare room off of Craig's List and scrounged up some coupons. Who am I kidding, like I would go anywhere without a fist full of coupons. Hah!

But I just couldn't bring myself to spend our wad on a vacation that made me shiver just thinking about it. I procrastinated going sledding at the park down the block. What makes me think I'd relish a ski vacation? This is where one of my favorite websites comes in. Vacationstogo.com

I encourage you to finish reading this post and then click on the link. Dream a little. Fantasize about you and your honey dancing under the stars on the deck of a cruise liner to a dreamy jazz trio playing your favorite song, a chef making four meals a day and someone else doing the dishes, a maid turning down your bed in your spotless cabin that he scoured, soaking up penetrating rays of sunshine on crystal, white sands.
Vacation To Go sells the last few cabins available on cruise ships around the world at discounts of up to $82%. Ever wondered what a $52,000, 35-day cruise from Hong Kong to Cape Town would be like? Click here and fantasize. I can only imagine! On the other end of the spectrum, did you know you can cruise from Ensenada, Mexico to Honolulu, Hawaii for 12 days in April for less than $800 a person? Today the cruises start $149 per person, but I have seen them as low as $118. How about a week in Brazil for for $269?

Tell me about your favorite ways to hunt vacation bargains! I'd love to hear!
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