Save the Date!

31 Cent Scoop Night is coming back to Baskin Robbins on Wednesday, April 29th! It's their 3rd annual effort to support The National Volunteer Fire Council's National Junior Firefighter Program. Wow, that's a mouth full. Speaking of mouthfuls, there's a 3 scoop limit per person. So spend a buck, and enjoy!

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  1. Robbie Iobst Says:

    You have fabulous tips on here Karen! After soccer practice, I gotta find a B and R. Okay, after I wrote that I discovered that it is Wednesday today and the thing was on Tuesday. Goes to show me, I have got to check out your blog DAILY! :0)

  2. Robbie Iobst Says: I read it AGAIN and we will get to share some ice cream! :0) Thanks!

  3. First - thanks for following me!!! 2nd, every TUESDAY night is $1 cone night at BR!!! Yummy, yummy :)

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