If you are reading this blog, then there is a chance you may be looking for help with your finances. I know how miserable life is when all you can think about is bills, debt, and gloom. It eats away at you and your marriage one chomp at a time. If you let it, it will destroy the bond that you and your husband have worked years to create. Your marriage will suffer a slow and miserable death. But it doesn't have to! Are you ready to fight back? I can offer two options:
1) My husband and I are certified to coach people with their finances through Dave Ramsey. We would love to help anyone who is interested. We do not charge for this, it is our ministry. Just leave a comment at the end of the post and I will contact you. If you live in the Denver Metro area, we will help you ourselves. Otherwise we will hook you up with another couple that would love to teach you how to fight back!
2) Ellie Kay, financial author and TV personality, is looking for a couple to be shadowed and advised for a day. Wanna be on major national news show? Just send an email to newsletter@elliekay.com with your names, ages, city & state, as well as contact info (i.e. phone number). If you meet the profile they are looking for, a producer will contact you for a phone interview. Both partners must agree to the release and both must be willing to get help.
If you are in financial termoil, please contact me. I have loads of practical tools and an empathetic heart. Don't let money be in charge of you. Take control and fight back. You can do it!
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