My calves were aching and my toes were screaming out for relief but my heart was soaring with delight! I had just wrapped up an 11 hour day of volunteering at Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Live Event in Colorado Springs! For the 2nd year in a row, my husband and I were blessed to be surrounded by like minded people - those who are slightly obsessed with financial stewardship. I was in La-La Land! I had people literally lined up to talk to me about how to manage their money in a God honoring way! I could not have been happier if someone set me loose with $1000 at Nordstrom!

I didn't hear anything new from Dave - he himself admits that there are only about 25 different answers he can give. It gets a bit redundant. But that's the point, isn't it? God's word is the truth, forever. It never changes. His advise on money doesn't fluctuate with the market.

Tonight's event will be something a bit different. Dave will talk for about half an hour and then open it up to the audience for questions. My guess is that Dave will talk about having a long term perspective in both our finances and our mortality. He'll probably tell us to quit panicking because the sky isn't falling, that we're all in this together. He'll also probably mention that houses and stocks are on sale right now. It's the question and answer session I'm most looking forward to. How do we all change from simply surviving to thriving in this time of economic trauma? I'm sure there are people in a lot worse state than you or I. We may have income issues at our house, but we have a house! GOD is GOOD!
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