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  1. Robbie Iobst Says:

    Karen I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I am USING IT! Thank you for giving me a resource for the summer.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I wrote about the Millennial generation too:

  3. Anonymous Says:

    p.s. this is the CUTEST web site!

  4. Money Honey Says:

    Thanks Lucille!
    It makes me thirst for pink lemonade everytime I see it. Refreshing and sassy! I'm looking forward to reading your article. You always have so much insite to share!

  5. Money Honey Says:

    Dearest Robbie!
    I'm so glad you feel I have a practical blog. I strive to make it something that I would look forward to reading three times a week myself. I always look forward to your devotions. Is there a link that I can post for my readers to get to it?

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