• Only 34% of teenagers know how to balance a checkbook.
  • 29% of teens are already in debt.
  • The average teen debt is almost $300.
People under the age of 25 make up the fastest growing age group filing for bankruptcy.… but They WANT to Learn About Personal Finance.

  • 89% of teens want to learn how to make their money grow.

  • 65% believe learning about money is interesting.

  • 88% want to learn how to pay their bills.

  • 85% do not want to have to rely on others for money.

  • 88% want to learn how to stay out of debt

These statistics are pulled from surveys by big banks for their own promotion but the bottom line is that the Millennial Generation, those born between 1981-1999, are the largest and least financially realistic generation ever.

Stepping into the role of a "Money Mentor" is not a formal commitment. It is simply the process of opening up the lines of communication with a teen in your life (son, daughter, niece, nephew, neighbor, etc...). Remember, their favorite form of communication is probably electronic, so be sure to reach them how they feel they most receptive.

Here are some websites to get you started and not one of them is sponsored by a bank!
http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/CollegeAndFamily/RaiseKids/WhyYourKidsExpectToBeRich.aspx http://www.learningtogive.org/youthworkers/02activities.asp

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