Are you a coupon mom too? Stephanie Nelson has turned her couponing abilities into her writing and speaking platform appearing in national magazines and on major news networks not to mention best selling books. She has some good tricks and tips to share with you in this video.

I have a few tips and tricks of my own to share:
  • If you have a Sunflower Farmers Market near you, buy your produce and meat there. It is extremely difficult to match their prices or their quality anywhere else in my area. However, their prices on packaged goods can be twice as high as other stores.
  • Super Target seems to consistently beat the prices of Super Walmart. Plus they have store coupons on line which they will combine with manufacturer's coupons.
  • If you are struggling financially, remember that your local food bank is always an option. They are there to bless you, so if you need it, let them bless you!
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