I love learning how things are made. I like to see the corporate environment, the raw materials, the process, the packaging, and of course, the free samples. My favorite local tour is Celestial Seasonings in Boulder. The guide dumps me out right in the middle of the gift shop and then I make a bee line for the discretely marked bargain bin! One summer I picked up 2 cases of iced tea bags for less than $10!

I also firmly believe that no road trip is complete with out at least one factory tour. Our country makes some wonderful products from Corvettes to Hershey Bars, from Crayola Crayons to Gibson Guitars. I found two great resources to guide you to the best tours and I want to share them with you!

  • Factory Tours USA Celebrating American Imagination and Industry! This site is of the highest quality. It lists nearly 550 tours and is dutifully maintained by volunteer contributors. Just click on state you'll be visiting.
  • Watch it Made in the USA This is a blog authored by Karen Axelrod who also wrote a book by the same name. As industry insider, she offers up not only tour info, but advice and tips on the best way to enjoy them.
Whether staycationing or vacationing this year, you'll find a variety of fascinating factories and museums to explore on these two sites. I'd love to hear about your favorite factory tours around the country and around the world!
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