I'd like to share this story from Nashville's WSMT TV about the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline and his involvement in Haiti. He, like so many others, needs your prayers and his orphanage needs your money. There is a link below to help out his non-profit, The Hands and Feet Project. I originally ran across this story while on American Center for Law and Justice website looking for great Christian organizations that are already in Haiti that I can send a contribution to. Remember, if everyone sends even a little money, the people of Haiti can receive tremendous blessings in their darkest hour. Plus, I will send $2 to The Hands and Feet Project in Haiti for every new Subscriber/Follower I get before January 23rd! So go to the column on the right, click to FOLLOW and click to SUBSCRIBE.

Local Musician Trapped In Haitian Rubble
Mark Stuart: Bodies Being Sawed In Half To Get Through Wreckage
Reported By Jonathan Martin

POSTED: 5:35 pm CST January 15, 2010
UPDATED: 11:54 pm CST January 15, 2010
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Thirty miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, it's a nightmare for residents of the Caribbean town of Jacmel. That's where a local musician is trapped.

So far, most relief efforts have been focused in Port-au-Prince, where a 7.0 earthquake hit Tuesday.

"It's hard, it's hard to see your friends in that situation, but truthfully, I know that he and his wife are there for a reason," said Christ Cotton of his friend Mark Stuart, who is trapped in Jacmel.

Stuart is the lead singer of Nashville-based, Grammy-winning Christian group Audio Adrenaline. About a week ago, he traveled to Haiti for mission work as a part of the Hands and Feet Project, a nonprofit he started.

"There's about 2,000 people who've died in collapsed buildings," Stuart said via Skype.

He told Channel 4 Jacmel can't get help because mountains that provided access to them have collapsed, and there's no relief for the thousands badly wounded.

"We had 20,000 injuries, and we don't have a bandage at the hospital," said Stuart. "We're out of bandages, we're out of medicine and we're in a desperate situation."

Right now, various agencies are working to divert some ships and planes backed up in Port-au-Prince to Jacmel.

"If we don't get supplies in here quickly, you're going to see some major problems," said Stuart.

Stuart said frustration and desperation are growing, the smell is unbearable and people are sifting through debris to find their loved ones.

"They're having to saw their bodies in half just to get them out of the rubble because we have no equipment here," Stuart said.

Cotton said he and others in Nashville are working with Rep. Jim Cooper's office to get Stuart and his wife back home.

Click here find out more about the Hands and Feet Project and how you can donate to people in Jacmel.
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