Just because your finances are stressed, you don't have to be.

If you are currently facing monetary challenges in your home, accept this as encouragement to search the Internet for a food bank near you and enjoy the bounty. It is there for the asking. It is not intended as permanent fix, but exists to bless you in a time of need. Shopping at the food bank will free up some money from your grocery budget to spend on another necessities like heat or gasoline. Or, it can free up some money for a stress reliever like Starbucks with girlfriend or a bottle of the newest shade of toe nail polish.
Don't be concerned that shopping at food bank will subject to a pantry full of nothing but macaroni and cheese and canned beans. As I type, I am munching on organic flax seed crackers spread with Whole Food's tuna/cranberry salad complimented by an icy glass of passion fruit-carrot juice. My diet is healthier and more gourmet now than when I had complete control over my shopping list. Abudanza!

Links to help you find a food bank to fit your needs:

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  1. Robbie Iobst Says:

    When Noah was a baby, I shopped at a food bank and was SO GRATEFUL that it was there for me. Now, I regularly contribute to a food bank. All of us will be in one of this positions in our lives. Both have rewards. Thanks Karen!

  2. You are so right Robbie! Even as a current recipient of food bank goodies, there is plenty that I can give back. As an avid couponer I often purchase things for next to nothing that I may not need, but the food bank does. When my pantry shelves begin to fill up, I sift through to look for things that we just aren't using and I give them back. I may have good intentions when of using ingredients when I take them, but it doesn't always pan out. Another way to give back is by donating time as a volunteer to the food bank. It makes feel a lot better to receive when I know I am giving as well.

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